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This year we are part of 58° Premio Internazionale Bugatti Segantini with the project "WESTOPIA".

The project is realized with the contributions of After Belonging Agency, Adjustament Agency, Mattia Balsamini e Laura Doardo, Nicola Baratto e Yiannis Mouravas, Sofia Pia Belenky and Hunter Doyle, Bollerìa Industrial, Bruna Canepa, Colleen Tuite, Robert Crabtree, Alessio D’Ellena, First Office, Hutte, Martti Kalliala, Zves Kostantinos, Giuseppe Licari, MAIO, PEAKS, Plasticity, Vassiliki Maria Plavou, Federico Pompei, Softbaroque, Hala Tawil, Davide Trabucco, TrikkBoi, Nicci Yin.


Thanks to Marco Petroni for the essay and Iacopo Costanzo and Max Perego for the performative installation.