Monolithic Rituals

Daforma Gallery, from 17th to 25th May 2018, Rome 

Monolithic Rituals comes from the synergetic collaboration with Dedem S.p.A., Italian leader in the production of photo-booth. The project aims to give the machine a new identity that could be able to show in a surreal manner its original shapes. We designed a sinuous-methacrylate-smoky grey chrysalis able to rethink the shapes and the presence of the machine, thus projecting it in a very contemporary image. At the same time, the new semitransparent suit maintains in itself the essence of what was its iconic aspect. The new cover transforms the machine into a totemic cult object, coming from an unprecise era, simultaneously from futuristic environments and from ancient times.

Monolithic Rituals is a project realized for Dedem S.p.A. with the support of Operativa Arte Contemporanea and Daforma Gallery.