Architecture as fictional reality

Santarcangelo dei Teatri: Santarcangelo Festival 2016, from 8th to 17th July 2016, Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN)

Workshop to design and build the display of Piazza Ganganelli.

Architecture has the power to define spaces and possible other worlds, dividing interiors and exteriors, and thus transforming itself into the place where claiming a unique and extremely personal vision of life.  Through the use of simple struts and walls, architecture – primary artifact in juxtaposition with the natural habitat – can shape an exception within the conventional environment. Today, in an era in which the human element seems to have metabolized the reality, can the architectural fiction be conceived as a new nature, impressed on the city? Can it become the place to envision new collective solutions? Can we imagine a world made of a continuous series of interiors, a continuous series of microcosms, artificial constructions of a human scale planet? The topic was investigated during a workshop, whom other aim was the realization of the display of Piazza Ganganelli for the festival.

Partecipants: Federica Casali, Greta Cesarini, Giulia Dall’agata, Lea Manzi, Lucia Mussoni, Bianca Pichler, Andrea Sperandio, Margherita Tezza, Michela Tiddia, Tiziano Torchia
Photo by Francesco Stelitano