Glitch Cave-Have We Become the Internet?

Villa Vertua, from 1th June to 30th September 2015, Nova Milanese

20 years ago Internet occupied the 0% of the human energy production. Today, only the digital economy consumes the 10% of the entire electricity of the world. The same amount of electricity used by the entire world in 1985. The movement of data uses the 50% more of energy of the global aviation. Today we are witnessing an uncontrolled technological development always more “nano”, an artificial intelligence always more similar to the capacities of the human brain, the bioengineering. We are witnessing the hegemony of the corporate of the Silicon Valley, the continuous growth of the “Internet of things” and the transformations that all these things are bringing to our lives. Nowadays, after the Cyber-Utopia and the Crypto Anarchism, the new technologies and the space of the World Wide Web are no more the desert island for a new world dream. While information and data will become the biggest source of wealth, some forms of resistance and escape from the dematerialization of the digital are born: from the hyper-connection to the “Offline = Loneliness”. “Glitch Cave-Have we become the internet?” aims to critically look at all the transformation that concern us, going beyond a simple technological determinism.

Participants: Thomas Berra, Enrico Boccioletti, Lia Cecchin, m, Mattia Pajè
Curated in collaboration with Dario Giovanni Alì e Simona Squadrito
The project was part of the “Premio Internazionale Bice Bugatti-Giovanni Segantini” by Bice Bugatti Club
Photo by Parasite 2.0