Grifoni FW Milan 2019

Milan Fashion Week, Studio Scacchetti, 13th January 2019, Milan.

The project is realized for the presentation of the brand renovation "GRIFONI", and as introduction of new collection Fall/Winter2019 designed by Luca Magliano. The show, part of MilanFashionWeek 2019 and hosted inside the wonderful archive room of Studio Scacchetti in Milan , is a choreographic performance: the models transform into actors on a stage whose scenography are simple industrial products modified with the use of colors. The spectator can follow the performers' actions from the top of the balcony. A transparent green film filtering the white marble pavement is the background of the show. The color allows a better perception of the fabrics and texture of the collection, placing itself in contrast with the materials of the clothes. All the aspect of presentation followed the concept, from lighting to catering. All food courses were characterized by the green color of ingredients and lighting was composed by a series of neon light cover with green film.