School of Future Riot

Last Young at Villa Brivio, 13th October 2013, Nova Milanese, Italy

The work was born from the reflections about how architecture and its forms can answer and contain the human power that the physical space should host. Nowadays the architectural project must be intended as a politic instrument with a large scale influence on social implications. In many situations this impulse substitutes the ordinary bureaucratic system, typical of the industrial age, thus going towards a bottom-up approach. For these reasons we decided to select and study a kind of urban contemporary revolts where the main element was the rise of a new global middle class which, wherever established, has caused political unrest. The protests never headed by poor class, but by young people with an high level of education and with an above average income. They are able to use technology and social networks for news circulation. The phenomena usually starts from the re-appropriation of an important public space of the city, which becomes laboratory of comparison and elaboration of new concepts of management of the urban life. In this situation, such conventional and institutional spaces, explode and are not able to contain the power of the city, getting out from its structure. The work shows this concept, contrasting the imposed archetype of a home, with an element that crash its border to invade the outside. The school of Future riot invites the spectator to get inside to learn this world of new revolts through a research about the theme.

School of Future Riot was developed in collaboration with Claudia Mainardi
Last Young was curated in by Arianna Baldoni, Rossella Farinotti and Lorenzo Respi
The project was part of the “Premio Internazionale Bice Bugatti-Giovanni Segantini” of the Bice Bugatti Club

Photo: Parasite 2.0