Gluqbar, Milano Foto Week, from 9th to 22nd June 2018, Milan.  

A set for a live streaming and the atypical experience of the art market of Telemarket channel  (Television program active in Italy from 1984 to 2014), are the starting point of the performace/exhibition/auction at Gluqbar. 
The exhibited operas are display itself and play a role of a network between different disciplines. The exhibition presents the works of a graphic designer, a performer, a designer, an architect and a videomaker all related  to a starting image: "an imaginary architecture build on the possibility of proliferation of photographic technical reproducibility". 
The exhibition is not limited to exhibit photos or images, meant as documentation. The photographic studio becomes an active catalyser of events that through different supports reflects on the economy in art and on production and distribution of images nowadays.


Design/Architecture Parasite 2.0
Graphic designer Pietro Mazza
(set) design Valentina Cameranesi Sgroi
video Giorgia Caboni, performance Filippo Luini, concept Luca Massaro
Exhibition part of Milano PhotoWeek 2018 

"Ugly-ism" by Parasite 2.0 is a project realized with the support of Corraini Edizioni and Galleria Corraini Arte Contemporanea