Web House

Workshop Vol.1, August 2011, Etna Volcano, Catania, Italy

Workshop Vol.1 it is a one week free and open laboratori into the Etna forest, near to Nicolosi. Starting point is the condition of abandon of some wood areas of the volcano, used in some case as abusive landfill. During the workshop were realised two versions of the Web House, web made of nylon wire that allowed people to cross the forest with a new modality between the trees. Here an animal-man is possible, able to realise his own web through a biological process. The Web House doesn’t present any hierarchy between its elements (elements without a precise function and use), but just defines the space in a fleeting way.

Partecipants: Salvatore Catania, Giuseppe Crisafulli, Francesco Distefano, Gianpiero Gangi, Adelaide Loiacono, Roberta Pellegrino, Santo Toscano, Carmelo Tosto
Photo: Parasite 2.0 and Adelaide Loiacono